ENG vs IRE, Southampton

England won by 4 wkts

ENG - 216/6 (32.3)
IRE - 212/9 (50.0)

CRR: 6.65



























Partnership: 79(89)
Last Wicket: Moeen Ali 0 (3)
Recent Balls: . . . . . . | . 6 1 4 2 Wd . | . 2 4


Ireland fought better than the first game, but they still got to improve a lot. 21-year-old Curtis Campher scored back-to-back fifties and held the innings together yet again. They made inroads into the England batting line-up in both games but you need a decent amount of runs at least against the World Champions. These two teams will meet again here on August 4. See you all on Tuesday. Take care!

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Jonny Bairstow | Player of the Match: You should try and feed yourself to pick up. Sometimes I need a bit of rev up. Be it on the field or any external influence, Obviously we don't have the crowds now. Hopefully I can score many, many more runs. I am enjoying batting at the top of the order. It's been a testing journey at times, but proud of that achievement (3000 ODI runs.) I'll try to reach 4000, then 5000 runs. The way I've been contributing over the last few years, need to keep pushing the boundaries, need to keep moving forward. I am happy with the way I'm striking the ball. I am enjoying the game, the partnership with Jason at the top is going along well, I have worked on the game. To get runs in the warm-up and get runs in the ODIs is pleasing. Great to see Topley back and he was bowling well.

Eoin Morgan | England captain: Today was a challenge but we always wanted to play with intent. We lost wickets but certainly looking at the way the guys played, particularly Jonny at the start and then Sam and David finished well. Shows the depth in our batting and I thought the bowlers did a good job as well. The wicket looked tacky in the beginning and we weren't sure if the quicker bowlers would have a big impact. Vince is a bit taller, he did a good job for Hampshire and he was our sixth bowler but didn't get a chance in the last game. So I thought I could use him today with the conditions and it was a huge bonus. We don't know what the role for few of these is exactly going to be, Saqib has a huge amount of experience, hopefully he'll play a lot more games. We have a lot of guys who can change the match with the bat at the top of the order, they have the potential. These guys take the game away from the opposition. I was going to bat at 4 and then we changed it. I am more than happy to give guys opportunities. It's difficult with two bubbles, obviously Test match is priority. We are trying to fit the best XI in the white ball format.

Andy Balbirnie | Ireland captain: We were too many short and those four, five wickets early didn't help. Campher batting brilliantly today and showed us the way. If you are playing with a low enough total you got to be attacking. That's the spike we needed. He got us back into the game. We got to bat a lot better than we have in the last two games.

20:25 Local Time, 19:25 GMT, 00:55 IST: Right then! England are 2-0 now, but they will not be exactly pleased with the batting show. Ireland had them under serious pressure at 137/6, but Billings showed great maturity, while Willey took the bowlers on calculatively and took some tension off his batting partner as well. Bairstow got them off to a flier, raising his fifty off just 21 balls. England wobbled from 131/3 to 137/6 as Morgan and Moeen followed Bairstow with ducks - Joshua Little the wrecker-in-chief. But England backed their batting depth and kept the positive approach going and got over the line.

Curtis Campher to Willey, FOUR, lovely sound as Willey pulls this short ball powerfully over backward square leg and England seal the series with a game to go

Curtis Campher to Willey, 2 runs, short and pulled away, clears mid-wicket, the ball slowly runs away, the third is on but Willey wasn't quick enough. Scores level

Curtis Campher to Willey, no run, defends this length delivery towards short cover

Curtis Campher [6.0-1-44-2] is back into the attack

Young to Billings, no run, fullish delivery outside off stump, Billings pushes to short cover

Young to Billings, wide, short and too high, ump stretches his arms

Young to Billings, 2 runs, lets the ball come and flicks to deep mid-wicket, runs back for the second

Young to Billings, FOUR, short delivery on the leg stump, Billings pulls powerfully through deep square leg, rockets to the boundary. England just a hit away now

Young to Willey, 1 run, flicked away to deep square leg

Young to Willey, SIX, now, now! This is audacious from Willey. How do you hit a one-handed six over backward square leg? Show some respect, Willey! Short slower delivery, Willey just helped it on its way after being beaten for pace by this slower delivery, but wow! Supreme timing

Young to Willey, no run, full delivery, Willey drives to mid-off

Joshua Little to Billings, no run, tries to drive through cover but picks out the fielder

Joshua Little to Billings, no run, good length delivery on the stumps, Billings drives it to mid-on

Joshua Little to Billings, no run, short of length delivery outside off stump, Billings guides it hard into the ground, lovely diving save at backward point

Joshua Little to Billings, no run, takes pace off the ball again, Billings plays to backward point

Joshua Little to Billings, no run, slower delivery on the off stump, Billings dabs towards point

Joshua Little to Billings, no run, good length delivery outside off stump, Billings looks to cut and misses

Shreyas H says: Even though England will win the series hands down, Curtis Campher deserves the Man of The Series award! He has had an extraordinary all round performance in his debut series itself!

Young to Billings, 1 run, short delivery on the stumps, Billings pulls it to deep square leg

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