KAR vs BRD, Bengaluru

Karnataka won by 8 wkts

KAR - 233, 150/2 (44.4)
BRD - 85, 296

CRR: 3.36



























Partnership: 92(143)
Last Wicket: Ravikumar Samarth 25 (58)
Recent Balls: . 6 L1 1 . . | 1 . 4 . . . | 2 1 . 4


Karun Nair is the Man of the Match for his match-winning unbeaten 71. That's it from us for today. We'll see you for the Quarter Finals which begins from February 20. Ta-ta!

15:46 Local Time, 10:16 GMT, 15:46 IST: What better way to do it than in front of your home crowd. This victory will taste sweeter for Karnataka. Siddharth embraces his buddy and skipper with a warm hug after sealing things. Hi-fives exchanged in the Karnataka dug-out. They had their noses well ahead after wrapping up Baroda for a paltry 85 inside first session on Day 1. Soyeb Sopariya kept his team in the hunt with a five-wicket haul as Karnataka slipped from 88/2 to 110/6 before the lower-order bailed them out and helped them gain a handy lead of 148. The visitors showed good defiance in the second essay with Ahmadnoor Pathan and Deepak Hooda forging an useful alliance of 94 runs for the third wicket. But things went all awry for them as they lost 3 wickets in the final session on day 2. Parth Kohli chipped in with a crucial 42 and Baroda were eventually bowled out for 233. Despite Devdutt throwing his wicket away at the stroke of lunch today, Karun Nair stepped up, shouldered the responsibility by striking partnerships with Samarth first and then Siddarth for the third wicket to help Karnataka steer home quite emphatically with 8 wickets in hand. The first innings batting debacle proved too costly for Krunal Pandya and his boys which meant that they never recovered and were forced to play catch-up cricket.

Parth Kohli to Siddharth, FOUR, Karnataka storm their way into the Quarters! Siddharth does it in style. Stepping out, unwinds with a violent swat over mid-on

Parth Kohli to Siddharth, no run, slow and turning away just outside off, but Siddharth presses forward and defends

Parth Kohli to Nair, 1 run, hangs back again and works it to mid-wicket, a quick call for the single

Parth Kohli to Nair, 2 runs, drags it short outside off, Nair camps back and caresses it to the right of sweeper cover. Walks back for the second

Parth Kohli [1.0-0-9-0] is back into the attack

B Bhatt to Siddharth, no run, steers this straight to backward point

B Bhatt to Siddharth, no run, Siddharth doesn't make the same mistake, gets right behind the line and smothers under his eyes

B Bhatt to Siddharth, no run, beaten! Bhatt changes his angle and goes over the stumps. Darts one quicker just outside off, Siddharth plays for the non-existant spin and comes up with zilch

B Bhatt to Siddharth, FOUR, Siddharth wants to get done with this ASAP. Transfers his body momentum across, checks his drive to the left of the deep cover fielder, who dives over the ball and it escapes away to the boundary

B Bhatt to Siddharth, no run, drifting on leg, soft nurdle to square leg

Just 10 needed. The crowd getting a bit excited as they have their phones ready to capture the moments.

B Bhatt to Nair, 1 run, flatter outside off, spanked away to sweeper cover

Abhimanyu Rajput to Nair, 1 run, very full outside off, squeezed away to deep point

Abhimanyu Rajput to Siddharth, 1 run, low full toss just outside off, driven to the left of mid-off

Abhimanyu Rajput to Nair, 1 run, veering on leg, tucked away to fine leg

Abhimanyu Rajput to Nair, no ball, shorter just outside off, rock-solid defence from Nair

Abhimanyu Rajput to Siddharth, 1 run, flicked away to fine leg

Abhimanyu Rajput to Siddharth, no run, fuller and slanted in, Siddharth plays all round it and wears it on the pad

Abhimanyu Rajput to Siddharth, no run, length, rising sharply. Siddharth takes it on the forearm

Abhimanyu Rajput to Nair, no ball, 1 run, dabbed to gully. Rajput has overstepped

Abhimanyu Rajput [8.0-3-15-0] is back into the attack